For 19 years, Shari Frazier and Lillian Lepore have owned and operated
Frazier-Lepore & Associates, Inc. a fashion jewelry sales company. Now a
$5.9 million company, Frazier-Lepore & Associates was founded in 1988 and represented a single product line. In 1999, Frazier-Lepore & Associates, Inc. opened a small showroom at the California Mart in the Fashion District of downtown Los Angeles, with only three product lines, no employees, and sales
of $600,000. Today, Frazier-Lepore & Associates, Inc. operates a 1,700-square foot showroom, employs three associates, and represents 15 product lines exclusively in Southern California or the Western United States. The
company's customer base numbers over 1000 accounts, including Nordstrom, specialty stores, gift stores, catalogs, Las Vegas casinos, and Princess Cruise
Line. Besides an aggressive and consistent campaign to bring in new accounts,
the strength of Frazier-Lepore & Associates is a commitment to building strong personal and professional relationships and to providing exceptional customer service.

Frazier-Lepore & Associates Inc. | 110 E. 9th Street, Suite A1086, Los Angeles, CA 90079 | 213-627-2341